Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

The May Jallad Foundation is a dynamic and motivated philanthropic
cancer association with a simple mission:

“to provide as much financial support as possible to as many cancer patients as possible.”

Relying solely on voluntary donations to empower us to pay for the treatment of low-income cancer patients, while maintaining the Makassed General Hospital outpatient wing for chemotherapy patients, we strive to reach out to as many kind-hearts as possible.

As a non-profit organization, the May Jallad Foundation understands how difficult it is to secure the essential resources to fight cancer, as treatment is expensive and difficult to obtain.

This is why the money raised through donations is accordingly granted with equal selection opportunity for all the applicants via a fair arrangement with Makassed General Hospital.

Together, one small step at a time, we can do our part to make suffering from cancer a thing of the past.

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