Past Events

Printed calendars and distributed pink bracelets to raise awareness for breast cancer. Bracelets sales remain ongoing.
A book entitled "Extraordinary Friendships Through Breast Cancer" with celebrity portraits by Rankin was published. As part of the "Breast Friends" initiative, the book showcased global celebrities, including Lebanon's Haifa Wehbe, who share their powerful and often emotional experiences supporting loved ones with breast cancer.
Elie Saab generously designed 500 limited edition black blouses. This was part of the international "Breast Friends" initiative to support the country's 7th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.
"Pinktober", a global fundraising event by Hard Rock Café for breast cancer, contributed money to the foundation.
May Jallad Foundation for Cancer participated in the first regional conference organized by the US-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research (Middle East and North Africa Regional Breast Cancer Advocacy Conference) in Amman, Jordan.
Think Pink Breast Cancer Charity Dinner raised a total amount of US$ 100,000 for the foundation.
Think Pink Breast Cancer Charity Dinner raised a total amount of US$ 165,000 for the foundation.
Think Pink Breast Cancer Charity Dinner raised a total amount of US$ 150,000 for the foundation.
ABC Mall raised 27 million Lebanese pounds for the fight against breast cancer through the 'Find it. Treat it. Together prevent it' campaign. All proceeds were donated to Faire Face Association and to the May Jallad Foundation.
Bake sale and Pink event at apple seeds Dubai and Home Grown Children's Nursery organised in Dubai where all sales proceeds went to the foundation; Crystal Group organizes "50 Shades of Pink" at People Dubai and donate the profits from that night to the foundation; Cynthia Raffoul, jewelry designer, produces a limited edition of bracelets composed of a bra strap and gold-plated copper, for the foundation.

"WeCancerVive" organised a fashion show event in Downtown Beirut and raised over 20,000 USD for the Foundation.

Upcoming Events

October 2013
Hoffman-La Roche give the foundation a grant to produce an awareness campaign for 4 schools in Lebanon, giving a short talk in the graduating classes and distributing promotional items with breast-self examination flyer.
Home Grown Children's Nursery Dubai prepares its annual Pink event.
ABC Lebanon prepare a ceremony to grant the foundation with the money raised in 2012.
Flywheel Dubai works on organizing a ride in collaboration with the foundation.

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